Howdy, My Name is Brent!

It was 1998, I was in a band & we needed a website, the rest is history...

I am a decade plus web guy who specializes in Web, Interactive, UI & Graphic Design(s) as well as Front-End-Development. I first started web work back in 1998 when I was in a band that needed a website, we were broke & needed a website (Remember, there were no facebooks or myspaces back then, only & a website, both of which were esential to a band to survive). A vote was taken & because of my artistic backround I was chosen to take on the task, well the rest is history. I started working on my own band's site, slowly building up my skill set from simply modifying templates to editing & creating graphics inside of photoshop, learning html & even writting my own javascript from scratch. Slowly my work became better & better catching the eye of piers in bands around me. Eventually what started as a necessary hobby became a source of income & then a career. I have been a professional designer & front-end developer since 2004. I have a strong passion for seeing my ideas come to life in real world applications, & even though not much of anything is tangible in the web & digital worlds, it still gives me great pride seeing my work living & breathing on the screen in front of me. I consider myself to be a dedicated professional who is committed, talented & always eager to learn. I strive to be the best at my craft, doing whatever it takes to get the job done to both my clients & my own satisfaction. This means making sure my work not only looks & functions good today, but next day & the day after.

In my free time (when it exists), I enjoy spending time with my amazing kids, my wife of six years, having an occassional well crafted brew with friends, I play & listen to music as much as possible, experience art (Outdoors, indoors & on screen), (Design, Design & More Design), action-sports especially in the skate and snow industries (nothing like those old skate videos to get me pumped up to sit behind a computer for sixteen hours a day), football (Go Chargers!), photography, movies, studying of my craft & enjoying fellow designer/developers works and blogs. I am a believer in our Lord, an absolute attention to every last pixel guy & a lover of animals. I am a super easy to get a long with, have a good sense of humor & I don't take short cuts when it comes to doing something right!

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